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  • college management system


  • Architecture: Client/Server
  • Operating System:Windows xp, Windows Vista
  • Technologies : Visual Basic, Dot Net

Description of the Product .
The College Management Software developed by MSP exclusively for college and its consists of the following modules:  Admission and record:-In this modules, all information relating to the student application, application processing, issuance of offering letter, registration , admission , issuance of matrix card and student details are captured and stored. In this sub-modules are: Printing of Student Card Editing of Student Card ,Academic subject offered, Student Applications Details, Student Registration and admission Student Details  Academic: Setting Program Code, Setting Programs Details ,Setting Intake Sessions by Programs, Semester Details, Subject classification, Subject Details Entry etc.  Staff: Lecturers details, Management staff details and Reports.  Student Affairs :Student Details, Grouping of Mentees, Mentee Details, Reports etc.  Finance: Bank Details, Students Bank Account Details, Sponsorship detail, Setting type of advances, Tuition Fee Details, Opening balance ,Students advance Details, Student Advance Transaction Details Student Loan details ,Student Fee payment Details, Advance refund Details, Fee Generations Issuance of Credit note Reports  Database Back up: Database is automatically backed up with date and time stamp.

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