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  • Condominium Management System


  • Architecture: Client/Server
  • Operating System:Windows xp, Windows Vista
  • Technologies : Visual Basic, Dot Net

Description of the Product .
This product of MSP targeted for those who want to manage all the functions for any condominium or apartments in a simplified and efficient manner. CMsoft allows the management to generate invoices for various services such as Maintenance/ Service Charge, Sinking Fund Contribution, Water, Insurance, Quit Rent, deposit collections, deposit refund and for any other services rendered to the unit owners. Benefits & Features :  JMC are able monitor and track closely on daily basis the operations and performance of the condominium or apartments.  Check up to date status of the billing, payment collection and outstanding  Able to take immediate action to recover outstanding payments in order to ensure smooth running of the condominium or apartment.  Stored full details of owners  Able to set different rates for different type of unit owners such as shop tenant and owners.  Able to generate invoices to be based on built up floor size or fixed rate.  Option to choose whether to charge interest, set interest rate, interest calculation method .  Able to generate invoice for other services or cost incurred such Letter of Demand, Lawyers notice and etc.  Able to generate Water invoice automatically based on water meter readings.  Able to reset water meter.  The users can also reset the water meter if it is found to be faulty and a new meter is installed.  Able to issue and cancel credit note.  Able to collect and refund deposits.  Able to print invoices and payment receipt whenever necessary.  Able to generate and print numerous reports related to billing, collection, outstanding, aging, water meter readings, credit notes, cancellations of payments, cancellations of credit notes, deposit collections and deposit refunded.

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