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Integrated HD Video Conferencing

Description of the Product

Crystalview HD is a versatile Unified Communication (UC) platform designed to support multiple Video and Voice over IP (VVoIP) applications within a single hardware unit that shares components such as the codec, Full HD Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera, Acoustic Echo Cancellation and high gain boardroom microphone. The compatibility of our system makes it convenient and more economical as it negates the need for purchasing separate hardware units for each application. Our main goal is to provide our customers a highly beneficial video conferencing platform that requires less investment.

The Unified Communication (UC) has enhanced the way people collaborate and interact with each other. UC solutions can be provided via public cloud, private cloud, on premise, or as a remote deployment or hybrid solution.

What does Crystalview HD offer?

  • Both hardware and software solutions which provide you a unique Video Conferencing system
  • Unifying platform, connects up to 99% of the VC system in the world
  • Instant connect via cloud-based VC service
  • Customizable based on users' needs
  • Fully secured and certified

Features Highlight

  • Unified communication platform
  • The only multipoint-to-multipoint solution
  • Advanced data collaboration
  • Dual stack IPv4/IPv6 interoperability
  • Fully secured and certified HD video conferencing
  • Immersive telepresence

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