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Epigenie - Robotic Process Automation(RPA)


  • Architecture: Client/Server
  • Operating System: Windows/Linux

Description of the Product

The Epiance Robotic Process Automation (ERPA) platform builds on our decades of experience working with hundreds of companies worldwide, improving business process execution with a portfolio of software solutions that facilitate process knowledge transfer, on demand process performance support and data driven process improvement.

Building & Assembling

  • Building of workflows with dynamic decision or branch points
  • Integrated automation scripts and performance enhancement forms
  • Custom script objects
  • Triggers and dynamic data reading from libraries
  • Creating the automation can be stored in a central repository

EpiGenie Dashboard

  • Delegate project execution to individual robots and also manage roles
  • Create and schedule robots
  • Remotely control the execution of robots
  • Assign them to individual agents and monitor robot run status
  • Generation of various control reports

EpiGenie Player

  • Zero footprint client engine installed in the end user machine
  • Authenticates the user with the ERPA dashboard server
  • Downloads the robot, and schedules
  • Triggers and initiates the robot’s execution based on valid trigger conditions or a schedule
  • Updates the execution status and machine status to the ERPA dashboard server for analysis and reporting

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